Magnetic Generator Wiki

Should We Create a Wiki?

magnetic electricity generator wikiCurrently there is no magnetic energy generator wiki available on the Internet. We would be very pleased to create the first wiki for the magnetic power generator and attach it to this website if there was enough interest. Because wikis are all user generated content we would only upload the platform if there was enough interest.

My initial thoughts are that people who have already built their generator could share their thoughts and tips for the design process. The problem with a wiki though is that most people would be interested in obtaining information and not sharing it.

The second problem would be with the copyright of all the available plans that. None of the copyrighted content can be published so the things that could be uploaded to a the wiki by the users would have to be monitored carefully to avoid any problems with the various different generator companies.

At the end of the day it’s up to you whether you want to have a wiki dedicated to building a magnetic generator. If you do then just send me an email or perhaps I’ll just add a poll to this page so you can vote on it.


What is a Wiki?

Just in case you didn’t know what a wiki is! A wiki is actually a website where users can add, modify, or delete content using a web browser. For example we would make the address  Wikis are usually powered by free software and are very easy to use.

Wikis can serve many different purposes. Some permit control over different functions. A magnetic power generator wiki on this site would allow you to add your own pages of text as well as upload photos etc. As I said before this could cause some problems and might to be monitored constantly.. Anyway, contact me to let me know your thoughts.



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