Over Unity Device = The Magnetic Generator

What is an Over Unity Device?

over unity devicesThe idea of building a magnetic generator that produces free electricity is often referred to ask being ridiculous and impossible by many people. These people are quick to call it a scam and a waste of money. This is all caused by the fact that it’s actually an over unity device and not a free energy generator. This doesn’t mean that it’s a scam though!

To put it simply, this a device that produces more electricity than it consumes. This is exactly what the magnetic energy generator is.

Imagine a small fan motor running off your main power supply. This small motor that consumes a very small amount of electricity then powers your device which then outputs a lot more electricity than it consumes. The electricity that you produce can then be fed straight back into your home power supply and greatly reduce your electricity bill.

If you have the right plans you can basically go totally off the grid and simply rely on something like a car battery to power your whole house! This is assuming you have an average sized house though and not a mansion!

Although the this is actually an over-unity device and not a free energy generator it will still result in the same thing, free electricity! This is something that the people who talk about the magnetic generator scam just don’t seem to understand.

There will always be a lot of controversy surrounding these kinds of devices but those people who have already built theirs certainly aren’t complaining! The video below shows a very rough example of one of these devices which is ‘similar’ to the Magnets4Energy plans.




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