Which is The Top Magnetic Generator?

The days are long gone when there were several different sets of plans available. Currently there is only one set of magnetic generator plans available and there is no guarantee that the website selling them will be online for long!

Of course there are plenty of scam sites selling fake plans which you need to steer clear of. Not only will they sell you fake plans they will more than likely sell on your personal details to other companies. To avoid this make sure the payment provider who is processing your payment is a reputable online payment processor like Click2Sell.

All of the magnetic generator plans that have ever been released all have one thing in common. They were all basically the same design based on Nikola Tesla’s original invention. Some were more detailed than others and some were a lot more expensive but they were all basically the same.

The plans that are available at the moment are the most detailed and are identical to Tesla’s original design. Hopefully they’ll be available for a while yet!




Currently The Top Choice – The Tesla Secret

The Tesla Secret is easily the best set of plans that have been made available so far. They far surpass all the previous versions both in detail and price.

They offer the best value and also contain the most detailed and easy to follow guides for assembling your generator.

Another great selling point of the Tesla Secret is that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee which makes it a risk free investment.

They also include all these free bonus products which are worth over $250 on their own! Hopefully the Tesla Secret will be able to stay online for longer this time!



This video shows a rough working model of the generator that  can be produced with the Tesla plans. Note that this is just a rough version and you can get much better results with more time and effort.


Go to the Tesla Secret website for more information.


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