Build a Tesla Generator and Say Goodbye to Electricity Bills Forever!

I guess you already know about Nikola Tesla. He invented some incredible things. However, his most important invention was definitely the magnetic energy generator. If you know how to build a Tesla generator, you can save yourself thousands in utility bills.

What most people don’t know, is that with the correct plans, anyone can actually build their own generator by following Nikola Tesla’s designs. That includes you! You can actually build your own magnetic generator and start producing free electricity today.

It’s really sad that Nikola Tesla’s invention never became popular. The truth is, there are certain powerful people who don’t want people like YOU to know about it.

Now, in the age of the Internet, this kind of information is becoming more difficult to suppress.

That doesn’t mean this website will be here forever though. Since I started this website I’ve already had to change its location several times.

The fact is, there are ‘powers that be’ who don’t want you to know this information. Just bear that in mind because one day, you may come back here and find this website has been taken down… Again!!

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How Much Energy Can You Generate?

Well, that depends on you. With Tesla’s designs, you can build a generator that produces roughly eight to 10 times more electricity than it consumes. But, you have to understand that it depends on how big you build it!! The blueprints show you how to build a Tesla generator that fits your needs. Small, medium, or large.

However. Take my advice;

When you build your first one, don’t go crazy!! Start with something small. On your first build, try and build something small. Aim for something that will reduce your electricity bill by roughly 30% – 40%.

When you get that one working you’ll easily be able to build one to power your whole home.

Can Anyone Learn How to Build a Tesla Generator?

This really depends on you. But I’m sure you’ve got some basic DIY skills right? That’s all I had on my first build. It took me a couple of weeks though. Even building a small one definitely isn’t an overnight job!

Here’s the good news though: The plans are pretty damn easy to follow, even for me! If you can follow instructions then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Check it out for yourself. Take a minute to watch the video above. You’re one step away from free electricity for life! You can thank me later!

What Happens If The Current Website Gets Shut Down?

There used to be several different variations of the Nikola Tesla’s plans available on the Internet but those websites have gradually been shut down one by one. If you want to know why, click here. Fortunately, the original set of plans is currently still available on this website.

Go to the Tesla Generator website for more details

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