Perpetual Motion Machines – Learn The Truth

Diagram Showing how to make a perpetual motion machine

If you want to know how to make a perpetual motion machine then you are not alone. Every day more and more people are beginning to uncover the truth.

Many people have never even heard of perpetual motion. However, it is not a new concept. The first perpetual motion generator was designed by an Indian astronomer called Bhaskara II, back in the 13th century.

Many people believe that his design influenced Nikola Tesla’s magnetic generator. Tesla’s designs appeared in the early 1900s.

Nikola Tesla took the idea of perpetual motion a step further and used the concept to generate free electricity. Unfortunately, like many of Tesla’s designs, they were kept away from the public eye.

Tesla’s designs are now available online. However, websites that sell his motion generator plans are often shut down. They are forced to move web addresses regularly and they can be hard to find.

Despite the censorship and gatekeeping, thousands of people are benefiting from free electricity thanks to perpetual motion. More and more people will eventually harness the power of perpetual motion.

You can check if Tesla’s perpetual motion generator plans are currently available by clicking here to visit the website. If the website has been shut down please leave me a message and I will try to find the new location.

Is it Difficult to Make a Perpetual Motion Generator?

You’re probably wondering how difficult it is to build your own perpetual motion generator. The good news is, it’s not that hard. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

It depends on what your final goal is; to reduce your electricity cost or go totally off the grid. Whatever your goal is, I advise you to start with a small version first.

You’re going to need some basic tools and a work area. You don’t really need to understand too much about electrical circuits though. However, when you’ve built a perpetual generator big enough to make a difference in your monthly utility bills, I suggest you get a qualified electrician to hook it up to your home.

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Big Corporations Don’t Want You to Know

Who doesn’t want free electricity right? If everyone was able to generate their own power it would be a problem for governments, electric companies and the whole economy in general.

They don’t want you to know about it. This is why the perpetual motion generator is still relatively unknown even though it was invented hundreds of years ago. The gatekeeping and censorship are real. This is why you’re probably only just hearing about it now.

They don’t want you to produce your own electricity. Too many powerful people would lose too much money. They want you to buy your electricity from them!

They make sure this information doesn’t hit the mainstream. That is why perpetual motion motor plans like the Tesla generator, can be so hard to find online.

Corporate Censorship of Perpetual Motion

Is It Really Perpetual Motion Though?

The Tesla generator, which has become so popular, actually requires a small amount of electricity to keep the perpetual motion going. A lot of folks will say that it’s not a true perpetual motion generator, and they are correct.

They are missing the point though. because at the end of the day, if you follow the plans and build your own perpetual motion machine, you will have access to unlimited free electricity.

Just think about that for a moment. What you could spend that extra money on every month.

The magnetic generator is based on perpetual motion which is created through the power of magnetism. Most folks are familiar with magnets and can easily grasp how the idea works. It’s easy to understand how the continuous motion caused by magnetism can be used to generate electricity.

Any kind of perpetual motion generator is powered by permanent magnets. It’s a simple idea but to get it working you need a good set of plans.

The magnetic generator plans are not expensive, especially considering how much money they will save you in the long run.

They also outline all the equipment and parts that you need. They can easily be scaled up so once you have it working you can make a larger version.

It all depends on how much electricity you want to generate.

Go to the Tesla Generator website and learn how to make a perpetual motion machine

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