7 Interesting Facts About Magnets

Magnets are amazing. As you probably already know, they are one of the main components of the magnetic energy generator. This is a device which anyone can build to help reduce their electricity bills and in some cases, go totally off the grid.

Magnets have lots of other interesting uses though. Lets check out some interesting facts about magnets.
1. Although it's hard to believe, some magnets can actually be found naturally in the earth. One of these types of magnets are called Lodestones. They are true natural magnets and are made from magnetite.

2. It's not just magnetic generators that make good use of magnets. They can also be found in lots of everyday household items. Items including computers, refrigerators, stereos and TVs all contain magnets.

3. It's possible to turn common household items such as paperclips into temporary magnets? This can be a fun experiment but remember it's only temporary. The paperclip will lose it’s magnetism once the magnetic field is gone.

4. The earth’s north and south pole are magnetic. This is why a compass needle will always point north, because of magnetism.

5. The Earth is actually one giant magnet. The Earths core is made from solid iron and is surrounded by hot molten iron. The iron creates a current that generates Earths magnetic field. This magnetic field is really weak compared to a typical bar magnet which you might find in a household device.

6. Electromagnets need electricity to create magnetism. The magnetism can be turned on or off with a flick of a switch.

7. Roller coasters in theme parks use electromagnets to push the roller coaster up to the high point before letting gravity take over.
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