You Will Never See a Magnetic Generator For Sale
Whenever Tesla’s magnetic generator plans have been available online they have sold thousands and thousands of them. In fact they have become one of the biggest selling set of blueprints available for sale on the Internet.

They have out sold many other DIY guides and it’s not surprising why. I mean, who doesn’t want free electricity??

So why haven’t you seen any for sale in your local store?

The answer is simple once you think about it and will become crystal clear once you’ve seen the video below.
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Why You Will Never See It For Sale
If it was straightforward to find a such a generator on sale everyone would buy one. A machine that w0uld produce electricity 24 hours a day without any cost would sell by the million.

But what consequences would that have?

If everyone started producing their own electricity economies would crumble. Electrical power supply is a key economical factor every country in the world.

If the general population could start producing their own electricity there would be major economical repercussions.

This is the exact reason why you will never see a magnetic generator for sale anywhere, any time soon. It’s also the reason why the US government confiscated all of Nikola Tesla’s research at the time of his death. Research that has still not been released to this very day!

Although you can actually buy some small portable versions you’ll never find anything capable of powering a whole house. Tesla’s greatest invention seems destined to remain one of the best kept secrets. Only those with the desire to actually buy the plans and build one will ever actually see it.
This Video Explains The Problem
When the inventor of the first modern day magnetic generator tried to mass produce his generator for the general public he came up against stiff opposition from ‘unknown forces’. He was never able to bring it to market but they couldn’t stop him from selling his plans on-line though! It’s a very interesting video and you’ll find the answers your looking for.

You can also read this article by Joe Bleachings which goes into more detail.
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