7 Interesting Facts About Magnets

Magnets are amazing. As you probably already know, they are one of the main components of the magnetic energy generator. This is a device which anyone can build to help reduce their electricity bills and in some cases, go totally off the grid.

Magnets have lots of other interesting uses though. Let’s check out some interesting facts about magnets.


1. Lodestones: Earth’s Natural Magnets

Although it’s hard to believe, some magnets can actually be found naturally in the Earth. One of these types of magnets is called Lodestones. They are true natural magnets and are made from magnetite. The magnetic field of the Earth attracts and aligns with lodestones, a phenomenon that has guided explorers and navigators throughout history. As far as interesting facts about magnets go, this is one of my favorites

2. Magnets Are All Around You

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that magnets are part of the fabric of our daily lives. You are never far away from a magnet, even in your own home. Magnetic discs in your computer store and retrieve all your digital information. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, magnetic gaskets in your refrigerator safely protect its contents. And finally, in the lounge, magnets, are responsible for the audio and visuals of your television. Magnets are crucial to everyday life and the comforts we frequently take for granted..

3. Making Your Own Magnet – Paperclip Transformation

This is always fun to do! You may have been unaware that paperclips can transformed into magnetic conduits. This transformation, though, is just temporary and merely an illusion created by the magnetic field. As the magnetic pull is removed, the paperclip returns to its initial state, providing an engrossing lesson in the transient nature of magnetism.

4. Using the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Navigation

For centuries, explorers have been helped by a guiding rhythm orchestrated by nature’s magnetic symphony. Different from its geographic poles, the Earth’s magnetic poles act as constant beacons, pointing compass needles inexorably north. The Earth’s surface and its core are magnetically connected, creating a cosmic compass that acts as a precise navigational aid for travellers on land and at sea.

5. Earth’s Magnetic Core: A Subterranean Secret

The Earth’s core, which is made up of solid iron encased in its own kind of molten sea, produces a symphony of magnetic currents that beautifully combine to create Earth’s magnetic shield. While less powerful than the magnets we use in everyday life, this ethereal embrace has the potential to shield our planet from the powerful solar storms that rage throughout the cosmos.

6. Power at the Flip of a Switch: Electromagnets

The fascinating result of the coupling of electricity and magnetism is the multifunctional electromagnet. This dynamic transformation of a dormant metal into a magnetic marvel reveals the complex interaction between two fundamental forces and gives us the ability to control magnetism with the flip of a switch. And once you can control magnetism you may even want to learn how to build a magnetic generator to power your home.

7. Roller Coasters: Using Magnets to Defy Gravity

And finally, our last interesting fact about magnets. Roller coasters use magnets as both accelerators and decelerators. This clever and thoughtful application of electromagnetic principles to roller coaster design exemplifies the inventive ways in which science and technology work together to generate moments of excitement and wonder that will never be forgotten.

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