Is The Magnetic Generator Just a Scam?
Almost everyday new articles pop up on the Internet about the so called magnetic generator scam. All these people are actually missing the point. They are just in too much of a hurry to expose this so called scam.

Before I go on just bear a couple of things in mind. Some people think everything is a scam. Their brains are hard wired that way. They are unable to accept that there is something that they don't know. For them, the easiest thing they can do is just dismiss it as a scam.

Don't blindly follow these people! Do yourself a favor and make your own mind up.

Okay, let me carry on.. Basically, everyone that says the magnetic generator or free energy generator is a scam will have the same argument. They say that that generating energy from perpetual motion is simply impossible. They will say that producing electricity from magnetism is impossible.. The funny thing is that they are totally correct on both counts!

Without infringing the copyright of the designs, I'll try and explain how the magnetic generator works. Remember this is something that you can build yourself at home with the plans that are still available online.

Basically the generator that you can build yourself needs a power supply to function. However, it actually produces roughly 5 times more energy than it consumes. That means you are getting free energy.

Also, if you are intelligent and able to think outside the box you will realize something: If you build more than one of these machines you will get 100% free electricity. You’ll be able to go totally off the grid like hundreds of thousands of people around the world already have! You will be able to power your whole house, just like this guy.

The Australian inventors of the first magnetic electricty generator are now multimillionaires. They sold their plans online. These are the same plans you can purchase today except they have been improved and simplified.
If you think free energy is a scam then listen to Ryan Taylors story. He thought it was a scam too. Luckily he found out the truth.
If You Haven't Seen This Video Then You Need to Watch it.
So it could still be a scam you might be thinking. The thing is though, they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. Not just 7 days or 30 days but a full 60 day money back guarantee. You have 60 days to try and build your own free energy generator before asking for a refund.

If it really was a scam they wouldn’t be offering a 60 day money back guarantee.

There will always be haters and non believers shouting about that this all a scam! Don't let them be the reason for missing out on this. A lifetime of free electricity can be life changing for some people.

If you're still think it might be a scam, Watch The Video Above and Decide For Yourself

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