Magnetic Energy Generator vs Solar Power

When you think of home alternative energy you probably picture solar panels. Everyone has heard of solar panels but not many people have heard of magnetic generators. Why?

Solar panels don't produce anywhere near the amount of electricity that you can produce with a magnetic generator. Solar panels aren't exactly a threat to the big power companies. While they are pretty good if you live somewhere extremely sunny they still don't compare to one of the best kept secrets around.

Energy Production

This is difficult to compare because it depends on the amount of solar panels you have and the size of the magnetic generator that you have built. In general though when you compare an average sized solar panel installation with a modest sized generator, the magnetic generator will produce far more electricity. Another factor to consider is how strong the sunlight is where you live. If you live somewhere that has long daylight hours the solar panels might just edge it.

Obviously the magnetic power generator has the added advantage of being able to operate 24 hours a day unlike solar panels that rely on daylight. Even though the magnetic generator requires an electrical supply for it to run (because it's actually an over unity device) it will still run continuously in all weathers.

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Here, the generator is the clear winner. Although it is possible to build your own solar panels there most people will have to buy a regular solar panel installation which can cost tens of thousands. The magnetic energy generator on the other hand costs about $200 in parts plus the cost of purchasing the plans. The obvious downside is that you're have to build the actual generator where as the solar panel system can be installed within one day.


TIf you have the money and you live somewhere that has strong sunlight all year round then getting solar panels fitted is the easiest option. If however you can think outside the box and have the ability to build your own energy generator then that is easily the best option. It all comes down to whether you are willing to spend the time building one and getting it right!

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