Can a Homemade Magnetic Generator Power My Whole Home?

house with lights onA lot of people get very excited at the thought of going totally off the grid. It’s not hard to understand why considering the amount of money that can be saved using your own homemade generator. The problem that most people encounter is that the first generator they try to build isn’t big enough.

A moderate sized Tesla type generator can easily reduce your power bill by 40-50%. And if you ask me, this is what you should try and build for your first project.

You can think of this as your test version and a good way to learn exactly what is needed to build your own homemade generator.

Once you’ve built it and hooked it up to your existing power supply you’ll have a good idea of exactly what is involved in the whole construction process. After that you will find it a lot easier to build a bigger version that can power your whole home.

It will also make it a lot easier to work out exactly how big you need to build your final version.

By checking your electricity meter you’ll able to see exactly how much power is needed to go totally off the grid. Depending on how much power your home uses you’ll find that a smaller sized magnetic generator will reduce your electricity bill by 30% to 40%.

Some people may be happy with that but most people will want to go all the way and build a full size version, especially after seeing how fun and rewarding the actual building process is!


Build a Small a Small One First!

Once you’ve got your second one up and running you can give your first one to a family member or a friend or even sell it for a profit!

The key is to builder a smaller one first and use it as a practice one before you try and build a bigger one that will power your whole home. Don’t make the mistake that lots of people make and try and make a big one first, fail and then just give up.

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