Free Electricity From Magnets – Is It Possible?

I gotta admit.. I was sceptical at first! I spent a lot of time on internet forums in my spare time. I saw quite a few stories from people who claimed to be able to generate free electricity from magnets. I just thought it was regular garbage news stories that you find everywhere on the … Read more

The Free Energy Magnet Motor

Almost everyone has heard of Nikola Tesla, but not everyone knows that one of his greatest inventions was the free energy magnet motor. Like many of his inventions, it is still not talked about today. The reason is obvious; The government doesn’t want everyone producing free energy with magnets right in their own homes.. They … Read more

Perpetual Motion Machines – Learn The Truth

If you want to know how to make a perpetual motion machine then you are not alone. Every day more and more people are beginning to uncover the truth. Many people have never even heard of perpetual motion. However, it is not a new concept. The first perpetual motion generator was designed by an Indian … Read more

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