How to Build a Magnetic Generator
Just about anyone can build a magnetic generator or free energy generator as many folks are calling them. First though, you're going to have to buy some plans. Now bear in mind, the free energy generator plans are not always available. In the last few years the website that sells them has been taken down and had to move several times. Information suppression is real folks! If you get the chance to buy some plans make sure you do it while their available.

You can check if the website is still up by clicking here. If it's gone, don't despair. You can check back here in a couple of months and hopefully it will be back.. Sometimes it can take longer though..
Magnetic Gnerator Testimonial
This Guy Followed The Plan and Is Now Enjoying Free Electricity. Watch The Video
Print Out Your Plans

I highly recommend you print out your plans. I just read them from my iPad for the first half of my build. I managed to scratch the screen and dent it by dropping it on the workshop floor a couple of times though which got me in trouble with my wife!


It was a lot easier after I got my buddy to print them out for me. Made it a lot easier to take notes and write out measurements too!


How Long Does it Take to Build?
Construction plans
That really depends on you and your own skills. How much time you have to put into the project? Two or three days or maybe up to a week? It definitely takes more than a few hours like what I’ve read in some places! This isn’t something that should be rushed and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to build a prototype first before going on to the final build. Anyway, building it is half the fun isn't it!
How to Wire it Up to My Existing Power Supply?
This is something I would recommend for a qualified electrician. Once you've build a couple of these free energy generators (believe me, you'll end up building more than two!), you'll probably want to fix one in to your house permanently.

Take my advice, spend a bit of cash and get a qualified electrician. It's just safer and you'll be saving a fortune on electricity bill by that point anyway!

Go to the Tesla Generator website for more details

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