The Free Energy Magnet Motor
So you want to start producing your own free energy and you've heard about something called a free energy magnet motor. You're probably wondering what it is and where you can buy one. Well, that is the first problem. If you want a free energy magnet motor then you're gonna have to make it yourself.

The good news is that it's not that difficult. With some basic skills and the correct set of plans, anyone can start making their own free energy.

You want to get off the grid right? I mean, who doesn't!

Electricity bills don't get any cheaper. The big power companies are getting richer and richer while regular people are getting poorer and poorer. It's these big companies that are the problem though. They don't want you to start making free electricity!

The last thing they want is for everyone to start making their own free energy magnet motor. If that happened they would go out of business. And this is the reason why it's so hard to find information on how to make an actual working magnetic generator.
Where to Find The Right Information?
Most websites get taken down eventually. They just don't want regular folks to know about it. Luckily one guy has managed to spread the word and so far the website is still online. His name is Ryan Taylor.

If you listen to his story you'll understand why he decided to go off the grid and why he continues to try and help so many people to start making their own electricity.

Just be careful out there though. Ryan sells his plans at a fair price. Probably way too cheap considering how much money you can save on electricity bills. Some people have to tried to copy his plans and sell them online for hundreds of dollars. Don't fall for it. Ryan is making just enough money to keep his website going.

Check out Ryan Taylors website and learn how to build your own free energy magnet motor. Trust me, you won't regret it :)

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