Perpetual Motion Generator
Almost everyone has heard of the perpetual motion generator. I mean, who wouldn't want free electricity right? It seems to good to be true though which is why so many people dismiss it. And that's what big electricity suppliers are counting on! They don't want you to produce your own electricity for free! So lets have a look at the facts and see why so many people write off the perpetual motion generator as impossible.

First lets look at the law of relativity. The law of relativity does in fact state that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred from one thing to another. This is what most people recite as soon as they hear about the perpetual motion generator or the magnetic generator as it's more commonly known as these days. These people are missing one important thing though.
How to Build a Perpetual Motion Generator

You would be a fool to argue with the law of relativity. The thing is though, the magnetic generator which has become so popular in recent years actually requires a small amount of electricity to keep the perpetual motion going. A lot of folks will say that it's not a true perpetual motion generator, and they are correct. They are missing the point though because at the end of the day you are still generating free electricity!

The magnetic generator is based on perpetual motion which is created through the power of magnetism. Most folks are familiar with magnets and can easily grasp how the idea works. It's easy to understand how the continuous motion caused by the ability of magnets to repel each other could be used to generate electricity.

Any kind of perpetual motion generator is powered by permanent magnets. It's a simple idea but to get it working you need a good set of plans. There are some really poor designs that people are trying to sell for hundreds of dollars.

Don't waste your money though, a decent set of magnetic generator plans will cost you a lot less. They also outline all the equipment and parts that you need. They can easily be scaled up so once you have it working you can make a larger one depending on how much electricity you need to generate.

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