Can a Magnetic Generator Power My Whole Home?

I bet you're pretty excited at the thought of getting off the gird! I know I was. Just the idea of how much money I could save made my head spin! I'm just so glad I went on with this project. It's been one amazing journey. So did I end up powering my whole house? Keep reading!

The first thing you need to understand is that the very first generator you build won't be the one to take you totally off the grid. Most folks moan when their generator only reduces their power bill by 40-50%. But if you ask me, that's still amazing. The thing is, the next one you build will always be better.

I'll cut straight to the chase. It took me 5 attempts before I made one single generator that took me totally off the grid. I ended up giving the couple to my neighbours. I think the third one is the one that I have powering my workshop. The other one isn't finished, but it's going to be a spare.
Build a Small a Small One First!
Basically, don't go crazy with your first build. You should think of this as your test project and a good way to learn exactly what is needed to go fully off the grid. Remember, everyone has different power needs.

Once you’ve finished your first generator and hooked it up to your existing power supply you’ll have a good idea of exactly what is involved in the whole construction process. After that you will find it a lot easier to build a bigger version that can power your whole home.

It will also make it a lot easier to work out exactly how big you need to build your final version, depending on the size of your house.

I've had so much fun with this project. I'm still going to make another one because I think I can still improve it and make it more efficient. Plus, it's so much fun. Free energy generation is the most fun hobby ever,
Don't Give Your Design Away To Just Anyone Though. Take My Advice, Friends and Family Only
Keep it To Yourself
Avoid the temptation to tell everyone about your generator. Save it for your friends and family. Most folks aren't ready to accept magnetic generators.. All they want to hear about is solar power.. Whatever.. Each to their own. I'm fully off the grid now, day and night. I don't have to worry about long periods of cloudy weather either!

Go to the Tesla Generator website for more details

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