Free Electricity From Magnets – Is It Possible?

I gotta admit.. I was sceptical at first!

I spent a lot of time on internet forums in my spare time. I saw quite a few stories from people who claimed to be able to generate free electricity from magnets. I just thought it was regular garbage news stories that you find everywhere on the internet..

For so long I kept ignoring it until one day I decided to actually look into it. I remember it clearly. I was sat in my little workshop/study. There was a massive storm outside and the power had just gone out.. again! It was the third time this week and I had finally had enough.

After about 20 minutes the power flicked back on and I went online to do some research. I wanted to see if it really was possible to make free electricity from magnets. The more I looked into it the more stories I found. These were real people who had made their own free energy devices. Lots of folks had completely different designs but they all had one thing in common.. magnets.

Now I love tinkering about in my workshop. Nothing gets thrown away in my house, I fix everything I can. I love taking things apart and repairing whatever I can. But making a magnetic generator was beyond anything I had attempted before. I was definitely out of my comfort zone!

It wasn’t long before I became a true believer though.

When I got my plans and building guide I quickly printed them out and began what has been a life-changing project for me. In truth, my electricity bill isn’t that much.. It wasn’t so much the free electricity, it was the feeling of satisfaction from actually making the generator.

I’ve made a few different variations now and I can tell you, it never gets old! I like to keep my designs to myself though and I recommend you do too. Just share it with close friends and family.

I’ve shown quite a few people my designs and their reactions are interesting, to say the least!! It usually goes one of two ways. They are totally blown away and want me to make one for them or they just can’t believe it and don’t want to know!

And the truth is, most people just don’t want to know. Their brains just don’t want to accept that they can generate free electricity at home with a simple magnet motor/generator. They say stuff like “I just pay my local provider and I get all the electricity I need”. They just don’t seem to realize how much they can save by generating their own electricity.

Luckily I got a couple of friends hooked and now we’re building one together. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I even offered them a copy of the plans but they all decided to buy the plans online. They all wanted their own copies which they now treat like it’s the bible or something!

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